LinkedIn is an important tool in terms of professional networking. Whether to find a new job, recruit, find a partner or a client. Uses are numerous.
As for the number of contacts to which everyone is connected, the philosophies clash, between those who accept only contacts already established, those who are open to everyone (Lion Accounts) and those who seek at all costs to enlarge it ..

Quantitative LinkedIn Network or LinkedIn Qualitative Network?

As soon as a user reaches the number of 500 connections, LinkedIn no longer communicates about the actual number of contacts connected to a person. 

How do I know how many relationships one of my contacts has?
The following statistic is therefore interesting, and shows that more than 60% of LinkedIn users have less than 1000 connections.
Another calculation, certainly less reliable, estimates that an average LinkedIn user has about 1300 contacts.

Knowing that we can access contacts, up to the 3rd level of relationship on LinkedIn, it means that on average, millions of contacts, professional contacts, are achievable through LinkedIn. Probably a reason not to neglect this social network …

Statistics LinkedIn - nbr connections : user

As a whole, LinkedIn represents, according to, more than 500 Million users, among which:

  • 70% outside the US
  • Spending on average 17 minutes monthly on Linkedin.
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